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    Industrial / commercial Gas Detction System

     Our  Gas  Leak Detection System has been designed with an advanced electronic technology which is user friendly for a fail safe operation at low cost.

    The system comprises of sensors with high sensitivity , linear performance characteristics housed in flame proof modules placed at strategic locations and connected to a centralized processing unit. The layout of the sensing modules is mapped on to the centralized processing unit for easy and fast indication of the location of the leak.An audio and visual alarm is provided to alert in case of gas leak. 

    The flame proof junction box is approved by CMRI, CCOE and BIS Certified. These Flame Proof Sensing Modules can be fitted in bulk storage areas like LPG Bullet Yards, Gas Banks with Multi Cylinders in Manifold and Operation/Utility areas inside Factories/Plants, Cooking areas in Food Courts/Canteens/Kitchens. 

    Central Processing cum Display unit consists of a signal processing circuitry where a milli volt signal is amplified to activate an audio warning like a Siren / Hooter, with a simultaneous visual activation of a LED in a pre-mapped diagram of the area covered, for easy identification.

    We can  install Gas shut off device with Controller to automatically cut off Gas Supply in the event of gas leak activation recommended for Utility Areas.

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    Thermal Relief valve

     A thermal relief valve is used when a liquid is packed (i.e. a tank or pipeline between two valves) in a pipe or tank  and the pipe / tank  is exposed to sunlight.Thermal Relif Valve  are generally characterized by the relatively small size of the valve necessary to provide protection from excess pressure caused by thermal expansion. Although liquid does not expand much, since it fully fills the pipe, the forces developed can seriously stress the pipe. Because most liquids are nearly incompressible, and so a relatively small amount of fluid discharged through the relief valve will produce a substantial reduction in pressure.

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        From a SINGLE COMPONENT to an entire factory installation, let us address every need for your heating process facility. SARASWAT GROUP is the place to go for all your gas handling equipments         (manifolding, piping, gas monitoring, process heating, Gas metering, conversion of fuels.) size reduction & plant automation need.

    SARASWAT GROUP provides processes with industries leading FULL FEATURED PRODUCTS at WORLD CLASS PRICING. Each of our products is designed with the process in mind with all the innovations to maximize profit and efficiency.

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    Costomised & Prepiped Gas Train

     In combustion systems, the fuel train poses its own risk from explosions due to excessive pressure from the fuel train For protection of people, plants and equipments. 

    A gas train consist of Filter, Slam-shut off valve, pressure regulator, safety relief valve & flame arrestor. Filter helps to remove the dust/dirt particles in the gas which may damage the regulator parts. The slam-shut off valve normally remains open. Incase the outlet pressure of the regulator exceeds the permissible limits, the slam-shutoff valve senses it through the impulse line & instantly shuts off the supply to the downstream system. The safety relief valve’s provided for additional safety. It is to be set at higher pressure than the slam-shut off valve pressure so that the safety relief valve will operate only when slam-shut off valve fails to operate. The outlet of the safety relief valve is vented well above the root through the flame arrestor.

    we manufacture costomized gas trains based  on user's requirments after carefully study of the combustion process at the costomer plant / furnace. various aspects like user control logic, space availability, burner consumption, configerations are studied jointly with consumer &  a suitable solution is offered to meet user requirments. we manufacture gas trains our plant at kosi (India).