• A Gas detector is a device that detects the presence of gases in an area, often as part of a safety system. This type of equipment is used to detect a gas leak or other emissions and can interface with a control system so a process can be automatically shut down. Our gas detector can sound an alarm to operators in the area where the leak is occurring, giving them the opportunity to leave. This type of device is important because there are many gases that can be combustible, flammable and toxic gases, and oxygen depletion
• Specially PNG / LPG Gas detectors With Government’s Safety Norms getting strict day-by-day related to fire hazards in kitchen areas of Hotels, Restaurants, cafeterias, etc.,Naveen Gas Service offer the best solutions about taking safety measures for detecting LPG /PNG / combustible gases far earlier before they get converted into major fire hazards.
• These micro controller based detector are available in PESO / CCOE tested flameproof enclosures and are widely used as PNG or LPG gas detectors in applications such as commercial kitchens, industrial kitchens, LPG / PNG / CNG bullet yards/ storage yards, Gas Banks, etc.

Detail Specification
Sensor Module for LPG/PNG in Flameproof Junction Box with Canopy & stand sensor will be calibrated for detecting LPG and switching point will be at 10 /20 % of LEL for LPG/PNG fittings are approved by CMRI as per spec given below : Sensing Method : Catalytic Combustion Applicable gas : LPG/PNG . Sensor Operating voltage : 24 Volts DC

Mounting method : Wall Mounted/ Stand Mounted Installation Distance : Sensor to Processor 1000 mtr max Input power source : 220 volts AC Detection range : 0 to 100 % of LEL of LPG Switching Point : 10 % of LEL of LPG Detection Accuracy +/- 1 % Operating Temp. — 10 C to 50 C Response time : 5 seconds Max

Monitoring Panel- Multi channel gas monitor for 2,8 and 16 Sensor System Protection Class : Metal Sheet
Cabinet Material: Metal sheet
Cable Entry: Thermoplastic cable gland (IP 65) with clamping range of 2.5 to 6.5 mm
Mounting: Wall Mounting / Stand Mounting
LED Indication: LED for Alarm Indications of both set points

• PESO / CCOE tested Flameproof Enclosures
• It has an inbuilt buzzer cum flasher for alarm alert
• It has a Plug-in or standalone type of power supply feature
• Range of LPG/ PNG Gas leak detection is 0 to 100% LEL.
• These detectors are suitable in hazardous areas, specifically designed for detection of LPG / PNG group of gases.

• Kitchen and Canteen areas of Industrial units, Commercial or residential premises, Hotels, Restaurants, Cafeterias etc.
• LPG & other Gas pipeline projects
• Gas Banks, Bullet yard and storage yards of LPG
• Gas metering station