• LPG and Natural Gas users require secondary piping from the metering skid / Gas Bank to the burner point. Optimal design and professional execution aided with good engineering practices are our strengths when it comes to Natural Gas secondary piping.
• We offer Internal Piping with Gas train installation up to burner point – including design, installation and commissioning.
• Commissioning and Testing of Complete Installation.
After testing, the piping should be purged of air or other test medium used for leak testing up to the appliance using LPG vapor. Any residual air or other test medium left in the pipeline can interfere with the proper functioning of the burner.

Care must be taken to prevent accumulation of gas-air mixtures released during purging inside premises or in confined spaces.

When purging through individual appliances a source of ignition shall be held adjacent to the burner to ensure immediate ignition when the gas is rich enough.

Steps shall be taken to ensure no other sources of ignition are present and to prevent inadvertent operation of electric switches or appliances and to prohibit smoking or naked lights in the vicinity of the purge point.

Purging is completed when all appliances connected to the piping can be lighted without problem.